Tag: Transgenderism

"My girl is a boy": a story of love and metamorphosis

“The transition invites you to choose yourself, and to love yourself. But sometimes to choose ourselves we have to let go of something else, no matter how painful letting go is. Life was moving on and we, as a couple, were left behind.” Read more about Melissa Ianniello and her visual project depicting her relationship with her former partner who decided to transition while they were still together.

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On the trappings of ‘solidarity’ and ‘representation’, or: is there any escape from the capitalist structure?

When I asked Sasha what she thought about feminists who claim that trans women are still men, sneaking patriarchal ideologies into feminist spaces, she shut that claim down with a reminder not to reduce women to their genitalia... “Who am I to represent anyone else, be they a feminist or a trans woman, and who is anyone else to represent me?” Sasha asks.

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Interview with Mayye Zayed, film director of “Lift like a girl”

“I have no problem with movies directed by men, but I do not accept the fact that female characters are built and filmed as mere objects of desire, trophies or secondary characters. I want to show 3D female characters and not the binary “pretty women” vs the “evil woman.” More about cinema and feminism in this interview with Egyptian filmmaker Mayye Zayed.

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