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What is fear? What is hope? On the meaning of “public space” in women’s lives

I’m an Egyptian researcher in my thirties working with “The Sex Talk- بالعربي” (The Sex Talk-in Arabic) initiative. I’m passionate about architecture and feminism, and I practice resistance as an essential part of my daily life. I started thinking about how to define space after a colleague asked me the following question: “What are the spaces even available for feminists to participate in public space?” This made me think, what is intended by “public space” in women’s case?

Earthquakes in Turkey: Leader maximo=Culpa maxima

While the tremors may not have been avoided, the same cannot be said of the destruction of thousands of buildings, and the deaths of tens of thousands of people. What became clear in the chaos that followed the initial shocks was the bewildering unpreparedness and little to no coordination of state actors… It might be hard to predict the political implications of the earthquakes’ outcome at this moment, but it is perhaps harder to fathom how a leader insisting on being the sole authority can remain unscathed from the responsibility that comes with being the ‘leader maximo’.

Pair the word hijab with compulsory so we can have a proper discussion about it

Many feminists insist on the importance of choosing our words to better take people’s feelings into account – and there is no harm in doing that. But what they fail to realize is that feminists who are against the hijab in all its forms – not just the compulsory – are themselves hijabi, or used to be. They fought their battles and received their share of patriarchal hatred.

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