Editorial charter

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Our Editorial Charter

The feminist activists who founded the digital platform MedFemiNiswiya aim to shed light on the commonalities among the countries of the Mediterranean basin. By recognizing this shared legacy, they acknowledge the importance of cooperation and knowledge sharing on issues impacting the lives of women, as well as their rights and commitments, in each of their respective countries.

The right to safety, independence and equality is the underlying principle informing all contributions to MedFemiNiswiya. In the contemporary context of climate change, their vision encompasses a more just society that respects the environment, human rights and all associated forms of struggle.
MedFemiNiswiya is a multilingual electronic media platform, publishing material in different languages used in the Mediterranean basin, starting with Arabic, French and English.

The founding journalists of MedFemiNiswiya and the contributors of articles, films and podcasts, produce their content in their native language and benefit from the possibility of translating their work to other languages offered by the platform. MedFemiNiswiya also publishes its content on a number of channels in line with the ethics of professional journalism, including written content, films, videos and social media.
The platform offers all kinds of information, in different forms, including news, polls and interviews. It acts as a wide umbrella for different issues, from health, economy, environmental protection, arts and culture, history, to scientific research.

MedFemiNiswiya appeals to women first and foremost, and individuals interested in gender issues. It targets colleagues in feminist and general media platforms while specifically addressing human rights defenders, educators, activists and researchers as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and relevant local and national entities.
MedFemiNiswiya offers trainings to younger generations of feminist activists on how to utilize writing, digital tools and journalism.

MedFemiNiswiya welcomes opinion and hosts important discussions and debates on society as long as information and perspectives are presented and expressed with credibility, without inciting hatred and violence or excluding others.

MedFemiNiswiya stems from the principle of inclusive universal feminism that encourages cross-generational solidarity, constructive and fruitful coalitions with all those who commit to this charter so that together we uphold and expand our current values and rules.
Last but not least, MedFemiNiswiya reasserts its independence of political authorities.

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