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Build communities, not women’s prisons

Washington, D.C. – Formerly incarcerated women from across the United States, together with their families and allies, marched on Wednesday, April 24 in the nation’s capital a few weeks ahead of Mother’s Day in the US, with an urgent message for President Joe Biden: bring moms home for Mother’s Day, and stop building new federal prisons for women and girls. Invest the money in communities instead, so they can thrive and heal.

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Palestine: With “liberated” sperm, the impossible becomes possible

When Palestinian women and men first heard the news of the smuggled sperm, they had a lot of questions. It seemed too miraculous to be true. But then they saw the face of the first baby born thanks to the “liberated” smuggled sperm, Muhannad, and were made privy to the details of the whole operation. This encouraged more prisoners to follow the example set by Ammar, the prisoner, and to seek such a method of conception which, clearly, the occupiers did not appreciate… More in this article which includes an interview with Amna, a mother who conceived with sperm that was smuggled out of prison.

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“An experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…” Lebanon’s prisons: yet another space for the torture of women

Many women’s crimes are simply the result of the general state of violence in laws and communities that are used against them and the stereotypical distribution of gender roles. This all leads to even more torture in terms of the lack of services, delayed trials, and indefinitely denying women access to their most basic rights, as if they are just another unimportant issue on a long list of unimportant issues.

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