The stories of women from diverse communities told through features, investigations and in-depth pieces.

Who do Palestinian women turn to when they suffer abuse?

Violence against women in Palestine takes social and structural dimensions that are evident in the protection afforded by the Palestinian Authority to the tribal culture, to the extent that it has established the so-called ‘General Directorate of Tribal Affairs and Conciliation’, while overlooking for years the duty to provide full protection to women, including by offering adequate and safe shelters.

Laura and Brenda: Two refugees received in Spain after fleeing gender-based abuse in their country

In Spain, Law 12/2009* regulating asylum and subsidiary protection explicitly includes in the definition of a refugee, “persecution for reasons of gender or sexual orientation.” Rescate, an association supporting asylum seekers who have fled their countries for reasons related to gender, cared for them and hundreds of others who have endured gender-based violence, including sex trafficking.

Rome is where women recreate the city

Instead of receiving support, feminist groups must struggle against institutions to survive, as was the case of the “Casa Internazionale delle donne” and “Lucha y Siesta”. Threatened with eviction by the Municipality, these two symbolic places of the feminist movement celebrate together the end of a nightmare.

Law and women in Algeria: an alarming overview

Legislators did not remain completely silent in the face of the constant struggle and activism of Algerian women, but the fair and equal legal arsenal today is either battling with regression or fighting for survival. Depriving divorced women who remarry of their right to their children’s custody is but one example of the injustice suffered by Algerian women.

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