On the move

They struggle, mobilize and solidarize. Be it through an individual or a collective journey, what matters is that they remain "on the move".

Legal harassment as a tool of intimidation: “fall in line or face the state’s wrath”

Turkey is the leading country for cases of legal harassment against women journalists, followed by India, Russia and China. “Through vexatious lawsuits, wherein the judicial process in and of itself serves as punishment, women journalists are harassed and intimidated,” says Ceren İskit, from the “Coalition for Women in Journalism”. Read this article for the full interview with Ceren.

Rape, or the patriarchal war against women

“Go and rape Ukrainian women. But don't tell me anything, I don't want to know anything, do you understand?” This was a part of the chilling phone conversation between a young Russian soldier stationed in Ukraine and his wife, in April 2022, two months after Russia invaded Ukraine. The conversation was published on the channels of the Sbu, the Ukrainian security service.

Interview with Sophie Basso, coordinator, and Selma Hejri, project manager at the RAWSA MENA Network

In Sophie Basso’s calm tone and keen gaze, there is determination in the service of the clarity of pleas raised by the network she has been coordinating. Selma Hajri, who is behind the RAWSA initiative, is no less determined. Summed up to that of many RAWSA activists, this beautiful energy is fundamental to spur actions advancing abortion rights in the MENA region, a major struggle in Tunisia, the only country to recognise this right.

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