Interview with queer activist Marianne Chbat: “Our presence in academic settings is a militant act”

Marianne Chbat, Canadian of Lebanese-Egyptian origin, has a PhD in applied human sciences from the University of Montreal. Her field of expertise is LGBTQ migrants, mainly from the Middle East. The young woman was one of the speakers at the “Transnational Solidarities and Global Queer Policies” conference recently held in Tunis. Below is an interview we did with her during the event.

Farewell, Shireen

The assassination of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh by Israeli forces in Jenin while covering an Israeli raid, has sparked an unparalleled wave of outrage, while an immeasurable crowd of Palestinians thronged to her funeral. From Tunis to Beirut, the journalists of Medfeminiswiya also tell of their emotion at learning the news.

Legal harassment as a tool of intimidation: “fall in line or face the state’s wrath”

Turkey is the leading country for cases of legal harassment against women journalists, followed by India, Russia and China. “Through vexatious lawsuits, wherein the judicial process in and of itself serves as punishment, women journalists are harassed and intimidated,” says Ceren İskit, from the “Coalition for Women in Journalism”. Read this article for the full interview with Ceren.

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