Croatia: Men Kneeling in Main Squares for Women’s Chastity

On the first Saturday of every month, groups of men kneel in the main squares of many cities across Croatia to “pray for women’s chastity” and a “strong masculine authority in family settings.” This ultraconservative Catholic masculinist movement began in Poland and was later imported into Croatia by influential Polish groups such as Ordo Iuris, which was among the mobilizing forces behind the 2021 total abortion ban in Poland. Pro-masculinist demonstrations in Croatia have been met with female resistance: for instance, the artist Arijana Lekić-Fridrih dedicated a performance to femicide victims, and Ženska mreža Hrvatske (Women’s Network Croatia) organized counterdemonstrations. “Look at Poland—it should not be ignored,” Lekić-Fridrih warned.

Women journalists in Algeria, or organized invisibility

Young Algerian women have gradually gained more and more access to newsrooms, but this access has only increased their numbers in these spaces, not their decision-making power. In fact, women are often relegated to tackling the “light” topics, even though they exclusively possess inherent knowledge about violence against women, and about women’s issues in general. All themes that are still only marginally present in Algerian media.

Sexual and reproductive rights in the Mediterranean: an overview of an increasingly worrying situation

As the world celebrates International Safe Abortion Day on 28 September, we are publishing a comprehensive series of articles on women’s sexual and reproductive rights. For the drafting of this content, Medfeminiswiya journalists reported from Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain and Malta, countries where these fundamental rights are far from being achieved or remain very fragile.

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